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Why build a two-mile high, one mile wide building? To prevent the uncontrolled blight of the natural landscape by rapacious developers and industry. At current rates the surface of the planet will be nearly totally covered with residential, commercial and apartment dwellings within the coming century. Large structures such as these bring nature upward to preserve the natural surroundings and to add natural surroundings in a controlled environment. This two-mile high, trumpet bell-shaped, tension structure is the most stable and aerodynamic shape ever conceived for a tall structure. Its upper level wall thicknesses are the same as the lower level wall thicknesses unlike other structural systems that are extremely tall. It is like a suspension cable bridge stood on end. There are 120 levels to the structure with great heights at each level. The scale of this stucture is such that the entire central district of Beijing could fit into its base. One must not think in terms of floors but, instead, imagine entire landscaped neighborhood districts with "skies" that are 30 to 50 meters high. Lakes, streams, rivers, hills and ravines comprise the soil landscape on which residential, office, commercial, retail and entertainment buildings can be built.

The concept can be thought of as what would happen if nature grew upwards with multi-soil levels. Of course the structure itself acts like a living organism with its wind and atmospheric energy conversion systems, photovoltaic exterior sheathing, and opening/closing cowl-vent windows that allow natural air into the interior without mechanical intervention. The exterior walls are made of structural glass that conforms to the cris-crossing, double helix, cable strand tension system that disperses all exterior forces along the surface. If wind or earthquake shock waves pushes or disturbs one portion of the structure the other portion absorbs and dissipates the forces. Ecological efficiency is a rule and all areas of the structure feature resource conserving technolgy such as recycled building materials, compost toilets, nature-based water cleansing systems for all buildings, plentiful amounts of forrest, plant life and water-based ecosystems.


In essence, Ultima Tower/Sky City is more an ecosystems design than an architectural habitation design. The structure provides a basis for architectural development upon which architectural diversity can flourish. Sunlight is brought into the center of the structure by means of a hollow, mirrored core that reflects sunlight and disperses it within the structure. This allows for both interior and exterior sunlight to exist in plentiful amounts. The tower sits in a natural setting in a large lake. The lake water is drawn up throughout the structure and used for cooling floors and walls. A portion of this water is heated by large passive solar panels and left to fall by gravity to be used at the various levels. No internal combustion engines or toxic pollutants exist within the confines of the structure. Everything is hydrogen gas, electrical or water powered and all heating cooling is regulated by plants and trees.



Ecological Requirements: To preserve the natural beauty of nature by condensing the areas of living, working environments, commerce and industry into an upwardly directed architectural structure. Multi-storied gardens are to be infused with architectural components. The presence of natural sunlight, fresh air, breeze and panoramic views are to be of primary importance. Ease and quickness of transportation vertically and laterally is crucial. The building must be fireproof, waterproof, able to resist great wind velocities and be extremely earthquake resistant. Wherever possible reduce energy use. Avoid utility costs and the use of mechanical heating and air conditioning.

General Description of Project: While engaged in a contracted study of the San Francisco Bay, its population growth, infrastructure, park areas, transportation corridors, etc., We saw at once the need for preserving what little natural park-like areas there were in such a densely composed area like the San Francisco Bay. Transportation was daily growing further and further beyond its capacity. The expansion of urban neighborhoods in and around cities was blighting the earth with more monotony and ugliness. The earth was being eaten up by the continuous disseminating reach of developers. The outward swelling of developing neighborhoods, industrial "parks", of refineries, factories and commercial "strips" all contributed to an offensive countenance of the area.



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